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Links to info about Burma

2017 Links:- lbtslinks2017

2016 Links:- Draftltbtslinks2016

2015 Links:- ltbtslinks2015

2014 Links:- ltbtslinks2014

2013 Links:- ltbtslinks2013

The Burmese Democratic Movement Association UK:-

The Free Burma Rangers:-

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners in Burma:-

The Karenni Student Development Programme:-

Restless Beings campaigning work with The Rohingya:- Restless Beings- Rohingya

Award winning documentary film about the Monks Saffron revolution 2007 uprising:-

EarthRights International documenting human rights abuses in Burma:- burma-project

Protests and information about French oil company Total’s involvement in Burma:-

Website and magazine on current affairs in Burma:-

The Democratic Voice of Burma news website:-

Listings of all Burmese religious,cultural and political events in the UK:-

Human Rights, Democracy and Development in Burma:-

Aung San Suu Kyi international network:-

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